I used to live with a lot of consumption guilt.

I should be listening to more audiobooks. I should be reading the latest books from that author. I should be listening to that in-depth podcast discussion.

But it can take hours to get through those audiobooks. Those nonfiction books are often a slog to get through (and they repeat themselves over and over again! We get it — deep work is more effective! Just tell me how to do it!). And those in-depth podcast discussions? …

A couple years ago, my wife and I were standing outside of a bar in a small town over half an hour away from our house.

It was a Saturday afternoon in late 2018. We were waiting with my mother-in-law at the curb for my father-in-law to bring the van around to pick her up. We were about to head to a banquet hall to attend a wedding reception, and had stopped for a drink after the ceremony.

The curb we were standing at happened to be at a lighted intersection. This is important to the story.

I had spent…

I can tell you that this setup is starting to open my eyes a little bit. I assumed that by forcing myself to delay logging into Facebook, I would see a wealth of new content from my friends. Turns out... nothing's happening while I'm away. I'm not missing anything at all. Really shifts your perspective!

It’s almost scary how much social media has changed the way we behave.

When I’m out and about, my brain thinks about funny sights as whether or not they are shareable. When something witty comes to mind, I want to craft a post around it and get it on Facebook.

You might think I’m chasing likes for the sake of my ego, but that’s not really what’s going on. I work from home. I don’t get out and together with people very often. …

Ever since college, I’ve had some serious troubles with my sleep.

I’m not sure why or how it happened. I’ve always been a great sleeper. My mom enjoys telling people how we would have our extended family over for a party, and I would decide to just crawl under the covers and put myself to bed while my cousins were all still playing in my room.

I love a good sleep.

But during my sophomore year of college, I started developing terrible night sweats.

It got so bad that the dye from my red sheets would even stain my mattress…

I imagine that it was a chore for my mother to walk through a store with me.

I was one of those beggar kids — the ones that saw something and immediately wanted to have it! I always thought of the possibility of crazy fun times with whatever was new, or with things I never had before.

And yet, I wasn’t an entitled child. In fact, my family was lower middle class at best. It always surprised me to return to school after Christmas break and talk to kids about what they got for Christmas — or when I talked with cousins at church Christmas morning. …

It is March 3rd as I write this, and my goal for the New Year has already failed.

That probably sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions and wind up failing them around this time. That’s why this is the best time to join a gym — they’re bleeding members like crazy, so rates get competitive.

But my goal for the New Year wasn’t to work out more or eat healthier (those are always goals of mine), but to show up.


Showing up is essential to a creative entrepreneur

I’m a writer and an author. My goal is to keep doing these things for money…

Hi sb, thanks for the thoughtful and respectful comment!

Kudos to you for disagreeing with me but still treating me like a human (dear internet: more of this please!).

And hey, if this makes somebody pause and think, cool. That's all I really hope for. I don't expect the world to agree!

One thing I will say (and you did mention you are sure you would get blowback) is that I really don't believe that gender plays a role in this particular conversation. My response to her article isn't really about the fact that she's dealing with postpartum depression (which…

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

I want to be careful how I word this, because I don’t really want to “out” the particular article/author that I have in mind here.

I was scrolling through Medium today and I came across an article with a rather surprising title, referring to the idea that this writer is a parent and does not like her infant children.

Hoping the title was just clickbait, I did open the article just to double-check it. Nope. The writer openly speaks of how much she does not like her second baby. “I honestly think I hate him.”

I am an unabashed lover of Chrome OS and Chromebooks in general. I think they are clean, fast, simple, and great for the average user.

However, I recently decided that it was not going to work for me anymore — mainly due to a problem with a particular book publishing app that I was using. It made sense for me to go buy a MacBook Air.

But in the process of using this MacBook Air, I realized there were a few problems with Chrome OS that, frankly, are rather cumbersome for a user like me. Some are very obvious, some…

Tom Meitner

Professional copywriter for 12+ years. Author of the Charlie Hardwick series. Father of three. Husband of one. Lover of food, laughter, and ’90s TV commercials.

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