Hi sb, thanks for the thoughtful and respectful comment!

Kudos to you for disagreeing with me but still treating me like a human (dear internet: more of this please!).

And hey, if this makes somebody pause and think, cool. That's all I really hope for. I don't expect the world to agree!

One thing I will say (and you did mention you are sure you would get blowback) is that I really don't believe that gender plays a role in this particular conversation. My response to her article isn't really about the fact that she's dealing with postpartum depression (which, as I said in my own article, I won't pretend to understand). It's about how mental health struggles are being handled online as a whole.

I think equality is absolutely something that needs to be the norm across the board in every environment and conversation. But if equality is what we're after, then we all should be free to express our viewpoints without them being dismissed because of our gender, no matter what it is.

Men can judge men openly. Women can judge women openly. Women can judge men openly. I understand the argument as to why men shouldn't be "allowed" to judge women openly, but I think it's a flawed viewpoint. If we want equality, then pointing it out every time there's an exchange of ideas won't lead to that.

I pass no judgment on her as a woman or a mother, at all. It's just an example of how some of these mental health struggles might not be handled in a healthy fashion. It might be cathartic for her. But it might do more damage than good. If I'm in a deep depression, walking up to some dude on the street and punching him in the face might be cathartic for me, but it doesn't make the situation any better - and it creates new problems. That's really what my point was.

We are absolutely cool and I appreciate you and anybody else who takes the time to read something this schlub from Wisconsin bothers to publish. Thanks!

[Side note: I know how many Medium readers think, so if you are angry at me for my views here, but much like I don't want people seeking out this mother and torching her or confronting her because of her article that I don't agree with, I'm not really going to engage much with people who are going to come here and argue with me on the gender point I'm making here. We can agree to disagree. I don't think too many interactions in the comments would be productive for anybody, we'd all end up more angry at each other, and nothing would be accomplished. I respect your view of it, even if I disagree with you. Let's leave it at that, please.]

Professional copywriter for 12+ years. Author of the Charlie Hardwick series. Father of three. Husband of one. Lover of food, laughter, and ’90s TV commercials.

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